The Welcome Mat

It’s the obligatory welcome post, the moment when I throw open the doors to this little corner of the internet, and try to come up with something witty and profound to say. Something that will inspire readership, perhaps. Something that explains what I’m actually doing here, scribbling notes into cyberspace.

Truth is, I’ve no idea. This is a place for me to store stuff. Snippets of stories, the random scrawl of things I’d rather not forget, things that could maybe (hopefully) help me to be a better writer.

I’m a penmonkey, not an artiste. It’s important to know that up front, I think. This isn’t a blog about the soul of art, even if I’m as prone to whimsical romanticism as the next writer. This blog? It’s about writing. It’s about getting it done. There may be naughty language from time to time. Sorry. Again, penmonkey, not artiste.

So hi, welcome, and all that good stuff. Feel free to wander around as the post count grows. And now that the intro has been made, on with the show.



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