Proof of Life

As you may have guessed by the melodious sounds of crickets from this corner of the interwebs, it’s been raining article work here. And illness, which is so much less fun than being handed a book and told to have a chat about why people should buy it. So now that I’m about to throw myself under the bus that is NaNoWriMo with a kabillion other clearly unhinged sorts, it seems like the perfect time to sheepishly creep back here and get back into the habit of doing this whole blogging thing.

So rather than the long winded apology, let’s just talk shop, yeah?

Fun fact the first: My literary Dad potentially kicked your literary Dad (and Mom using a masculine pen name)’s asses. Just days after I got to interview him, Michael Robotham romped it in at the Gold Dagger awards, beating J.K Rowling and Stephen King. The interview is here, but I’m hoping to put the full transcript up here before too long. Just be glad you missed the fangirling, honestly.

I’m also book reviewing for Hush Hush Biz, as well as the random writer interview. It means reading like it’s an Olympic sport, but a) books and b) I’m a book nerd.

Fun fact the second: I’ll be reviewing GenreCon this weekend for Scenestr! Because clearly, a weekend hanging around and learning from some of my favourite writer types is only pretending to work. For those unfamiliar, GenreCon is an event for genre writers at all levels (from ‘I really want to write’ to ‘look at all the books I’m selling!’) to get together, learn and gossip network. Bonus: If you’ve ever wanted to see how conference organisation stress impacts the soul, can I suggest checking out Peter M. Ball‘s blog?

Fun fact the third: my wonderful horror writing friend Matthew J Hellscream has successfully kickstarted his latest novel: Carnifex. Which looks set to guarantee I’ll never go bushwalking again. Thanks, Matt. I am so utterly excited to read this novel, and then sleep with the lights on for a month and scream whenever the cat jumps onto my bed. We all know that’s how it’ll be.

Fun fact the forth (and final, because I’ve got stuff to do): I got to meet the glorious Mark Sheppard while covering Oz ComicCon in Brisbane in September, and Supernatural’s reigning King of Hell is wonderful.

Hopefully usual transmissions will resume as of next week, when I’ll more than likely be banging on incessantly about GenreCon.


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