When People Smarter Than I am Say Stuff: An Introduction

I’m a bit late in posting about it, of course, but for those who missed it, I was wandering the hallowed cosplay halls of Brisbane’s Supanova recently to write a review. And lament the lack of Deadpool and Winter Soldier merch. And see Nick Frost. And fight the urge to make gleeful pterodactyl noises at a stunningly accurate Winter Soldier cosplayer.

You get the idea.

Cons like Supanova are great for listening to actors talking about their work (Summer Glau is so sweet, seriously, and Mark Sheppard is basically the worlds grumpiest life coach), and it’s fun to buy stuff too, but it’s also a fantastic place to get to sit and chat with real, live writers about writery stuff. And to listen to them as they sit on stages talking about writery stuff.

When you get writers together, or even if you give them a microphone and let them verbally wander for a while, more often than not you get amazing snippets of wisdom that clog your twitter feed (sorry about that) or fill notebooks.

I have a really bad habit of taking huge amounts of notes in talks, even when I’m not reviewing. Strikes me as a little silly to just leave so much wisdom sitting in my notebook when these writers are brilliant and seriously know their stuff. So, instead of simply throwing all the presentations and speakers together into an intellectual-jambalaya style post, I’m going to do a series of posts. It’s not going to be focused just on Supanova, but will (hopefully, depending on time constraints) be an ever-growing collection of writerly wisdom straight from the mouths of some of the most wonderful, creative humans I’ve been lucky enough to see or meet.

And maybe, if you ask really nicely, I’ll even share the writing tips I’ve been collecting from writers from Australia and around the world. Yes, I have little black books of hand written, autographed writer wisdom.

So how is this going to work? Good question, imaginary questioner. My note taking style is to scrawl down quotes, and then when I’m typing them out later, I’ll add in the context so the random piece of wordage actually makes sense. Also? It’s really hard to get whole, long quotes written down when you’re not allowed to record. So you’ll be seeing quotes with a chaser of context and paraphrased ideas.

A quick caveat, though: I’m avoiding talking about workshops as much as possible, though the odd hint or tip may find their way into the mix. Panel conversations and Q and A sessions, sure, but workshops are a repeatable and labour intensive way for writers to make money to support their craft. Because I love seeing writers getting the chance to write, I’m not including workshop conversations in these posts.




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