Happy Whatever Today Is To You

HAPPy holidays

It’s that time of year where we assume that everyone celebrates Christmas and cheerfully torture people with an endless stream of carols about the snow (which, in Australia, means listening to people croon about how cold it is while suffering through another heat wave). So in the spirit of the season, I have words:

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it. To those who celebrate Hanukkah, my apologies for a rudely late best wishes to you. A belated solstice blessings (summer or winter) to the pagans, heathens, and tree-huggers.

Happy Ranting On Seasonal Religious Topics day to those who celebrate it. Happy Giftmas to those without a religious focus to the season but a love of 24 hour shopping opportunities, and to all those without a single clue why December 25 equates to these kinds of shenanigans, happy random day of the week!

Here’s hoping Santa is generous, and was oddly distracted from all of your misadventures this year. May Krampus be kind to the horror writers among us, and find victims only in those who say reading is lame, or who want to be included in all of your stories, or who tell you how to write your stories, or who remove funding from literary and creative endeavours because they don’t see the merit in them but can totally afford new million dollar office chairs and greenery, or who think that writing is easy and why aren’t you finished your little story yet? May the food comas keep your annoying neighbour’s kids quiet long enough for you to get work done, and your family be less traumatic than you’re thinking they will be. May the gifts you receive be the ones that you want, and the gifts you give totally not suck.

Happy whatever you celebrate, word nerds.


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