(B is for) Braille

Genre: crime-ish.

Language warning. Lack of research and editing warning.

It’s a language, but not one I understand, a boring pile of papers studded with dots that just don’t make sense. Like the Indigenous art my teacher raved about, all dots and lines and no kind of sense I could ever see.

Dots. Too fucking many of ‘em, all different but all trapped in a set of nine bloody dots. The sort of dots that mean something to those in the know, and not a damned thing to anyone else.


Shut up. You don’t have time for this shit. Rant later, write now.

It’s the ‘a’ that buggers me this time, dropped the dot down a line when I should bloody know better by now. It’s the easiest damn letter in the goddamned set.

There’s a growing pile of papers at my feet, and I’ll need to go get more if I don’t get it right. All this fuss and effort for five bloody lines of writing. Never had this kind of trouble before, but then, this is my first blind girl. Effort is required.

Maybe there’s a growing number of hot blind girls in the world, because even Ebay couldn’t find me a braille typewriter. Even tracked down a blind services place, thought I’d wander in and ask to borrow one. But what if they’d offer to read it?

People remember the one’s that say no. Hard to weasel out of it without looking suspicious, and can’t exactly let ‘em have a read. Nah, painful as it is, this is better. Learn a new skill, try something new, and avoid nosy bastards looking into my business or remembering my face.

It’s hard not to look at the clock, though, to start worrying. Ten more minutes, and I’ve missed today’s post. Throws my whole plan out of its timing. Either I push it back a day, or I skip a week. Not a fan of either option.

Get this one right, and I’ll be on time.

The ‘I’ is easy enough now, had far too much practise. Even manage the ‘am’ without too much trouble, though it takes too long to check and double check where that fucking ‘a’ is meant to go. It’s the ‘o’ that buggers it this time.

Three bloody dots. It shouldn’t be so hard.

Fuck it, I’m done. I’m taking the bloody week off. Print off some threats the good old fashioned way, and get back into it next week.

No more bloody blind girls.


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