(Z is for) Zoo

Warnings: language warning, randomness warning, lack of editing warning.

A swing of the hips, a lick of the lips, meet his eye and lead him forwards.

Boys like him will follow you to the ends of the earth if they think there’s a bed waiting there for them. Or, y’know, some randomly kinky shit for them to grin to their buddies about later on.

It’s why we’re here, after all.

His lips are rough from constant biting, face fuzz too far gone to be called stubble but too short to ever think of calling itself a beard. Like sandpaper haphazardly glued about his face and neck for effect. His tongue feels like he’s learned his trade from a washing machine, all hard jerking motions and uncomfortable amounts of slobber.

Everything about him is the wrong side of rough. His hands grab, never caress. I can feel the bruises forming already, like he’s trying to grab a breast and yank it off as a souvenir. It wouldn’t surprise me.

He falters a moment, brain catching up to the situation, cock trying to decide if he wants a quick root or the promised show. For a moment, I wonder if the plans are about to change, and then he’s backing away, smiling and taking my hand. ‘It’s this way.’ He doesn’t make eye contact, just starts walking and tries to yank me along behind him like a particularly wayward dog.

He nearly stumbles when I hold my ground, turns to look at me like he’s never seen me before. ‘I’ve got a surprise for you. It’s this way.’ Boys like this are a sucker for a dirty, promising smile. He grins like Jesus has just handed him everything he’d ever wanted, falls into line beside me, too eager to fall behind.

Not until he sees the sign, at least. He stops dead, looking at the big cat enclosure with a frown.

‘What the fuck?’

‘My uncle raised these lions. They know me. And the big guy? Well…’


A slap to the ass, painfully hard, and it’s divine intervention that keeps me from reeling back and slugging the little bastard in the face and then the balls. The giggle is the wrong side of fake, too easy to spot if you’re not too busy thinking with your dick.

The lions circle, wary of the new arrivals, but not wary enough to move away. They’re more active now, because they know me. They know what happens next. The male moves forward, huffs out a sound that seems utterly amused by it all. ‘Come on, there’s a better view from here.’ The viewing platform is for the staff, but with the cameras hacked, who’s gonna know? He follows me, shaking with fear and excitement.

Below us, the pride are moving, waiting impatiently. He grins to me,all bravado now he’s safe from the claws.

‘I can’t believe you’re gonna do this.’

‘Neither can I, baby. Kinda like the way Cara couldn’t believe it when you tried to throw her into your car and drag her here. She called me, Mick. And baby, you’re in a hell of a lot of trouble.’ He screams as he falls, and then there’s roaring and ripping. It’s easy to walk away, to leave the kits to their dinners.

They’ll hide the evidence. They always do.


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