Symbolism and Protest

There’s protests happening globally at the moment, arguing against the latest US President. We all know it, I’m not going to yammer on here about the politics of it all.

What I am gonna do is show you this:

Image courtesy

If you’re a Marvel fan, you might have noticed a little something off towards the upper right corner. A Captain America shield.

If you take away the new iteration of Hydra!Cap, and look at the old school Steve Rogers, Captain America is a symbol of what America aims to be. He’s kind, he’s brave, he’s heroic- he believes in truth, justice, and liberty, and knows that he has to defend those rights. Not just for rich white guys, but for everyone. He does what is right, not what is easy, he respects other people and their beliefs (up until those beliefs cause harm to others, at least). In the words of MCU Steve: he hates bullies. And he’ll stand up to them every single time he encounters them because to not do so is, to his mind, as bad as siding with that bully.

If you’ve ever wondered whether stories have power, this pic is a bit of evidence for the ‘hell yes’ list. For a lot of people, that fictional shield is a rallying cry to step up and be better, to stand up for what’s right even when it hurts to do it. Even if you have to sacrifice to build your better world. That rallying cry transcends gender, religion, race- it’s an open armed call, rather than a way to exclude others or tell them they’re less important than a particular group.

How freakin’ brilliant is that?



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