Rabbit Hole Realisations

Because I need to write 200ish more words to reach my 15k target for today, and because honestly, my brain is ridiculous right now from the sleepy, I figured screw it. List post.


(Update: having gotten through those 200 words, I’ve realised that a few hundred more will take me up to 40k for the weekend, and let’s be honest, I’m gonna go there. Double sorry.)


  • Hard core writing makes me a hard core carb chaser. Seriously, I have never wanted carbs more in my life. There’s probably someone scientific who can explain it, but yeah. Carbs and bananas were totally my thing this weekend, and I have zero clue why.
    Pro tips: if you’re going to be writing like a machine for a few days, try and remember that your body is probably going to decide it’s ravenous, and it’s probably going to randomly decide it wants a certain kind of food. Just go with it. If you’re working outside of your home, take extra snacks and a bit more food than you think you’ll need.
  • Me focused on writing is even more antisocial than usual. Unless you’re the boy, the bestie, or the parental, you’re probably not going to get a lot of attention if I’m pushing myself to get lots of words on the page. I know this because one of my fave writers, bloggers, and humans tried to get my attention in person MULTIPLE TIMES, and failed miserably. I only realised he was in the building when I took a Facebook break and got upset I hadn’t noticed him to say hi. (He was still there. I didn’t feel terrible for long, thankfully. Okay, I still feel a little bad, because anxiety girl is more noisy when I’m overtired, and I’ve deliberately created a situation where I’m overtired, but you know what I mean. Hopefully. Maybe.)
    Pro tip: figure out how you write best. If you need music, use it. If you need white noise, go with it. And if you know you’re going to be an antisocial little penmonkey, make time to talk to the people around you, so they know you haven’t run off to join the circus, or whatever it is the people around you worry about.
  • This isn’t like curling up and binging Netflix for the day. You’re probably gonna need to move.
    Pro tip: movement sends more blood to your brain. Get up. Dance (especially if you’re in a public place- that shit is hilarious). Take regular breaks to get your butt out of the chair and move around. Flail your arms, give your hands a break, and try and avoid finger cramps if you can. I didn’t do that. My thumb cramped 3 days in a row. This is not something I’d recommend.
  • Oh, gods, my laptop weighs so much more than I think it does. Honestly, the bag I took was heavy af. Not okay. I really need to do something about that, because by day three, OUCH.
    Pro tip: If you’re writing outside of your usual office space, be aware that the crap you cart around with you is going to get heavier the longer you’re lugging it around. Try to pack light if you can. Or drive. Driving is good. If you have a rugged, strong human willing to carry your stuff, this is also a valid option.
  • Exhaustion feels a little like being drunk. Assume you’re going to be more tired than you think you should be given you’ve sat on your butt writing all day. Yes, you’re not running a marathon, but your brain is, and it’s very much capable of being sleepy.
    Pro tip: if you know exhaustion is a trigger for your anxiety or other mental health issues, go into a challenge aware of that, and aware of how you’re gonna deal with it. For me, that means a day off tomorrow to recover, before jumping back into the real world again.
  • Comfort is your friend. Seriously.
    Pro tip: comfortable clothes, no shoes if that works best for you- this is not the time to pretty yourself in the clothes you can’t slouch or flail in. While you probably can’t wear your pjs if you’re working at a library, wear the most comfy gear you can get away with in the place you’re working in.
  • Your brain is way more brilliant than you think it is.


That’s it. We’ve done it. 40,064 words in 3 days. My brain is done. Goodnight everybody.


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