Sheepishly Stepping Up To The Mic

It’s been a while, random void into which I try to shout at regular intervals.

Life is weird. Pretty sure we’re all aware of that. But if you weren’t… sorry. Also, surprise. Life when you’re trying to figure out how to make it all work while precariously balancing mental health? That can be a special kind of fun.

There’s maybe twenty drafted posts for WS in a folder, unfinished and unpublished because anxiety brain is a salty bitch sometimes, and every single word seemed wrong or dangerous. Sorry about that, but let’s just acknowledge that this is a thing that may sometimes happen, and unless I start prepping and scheduling all my posts in advance, radio silence might occasionally be a thing.

Which, if you’ve ever heard the ‘create an author platform. This is your brand. Don’t screw it up’ monologues, is number one ‘don’t ever do the thing’ on the list. Create content. Post constantly. Make sure people remember who you are because we are bombarded with stuff at all hours of all days and goddamn it, if you’re not there in their faces all the time they’ll forget you.

Which… yeah. Might not be working well for me lately. Even the idea of that constant interaction- written rather than actually, y’know, interacting with people- is exhausting. Anxiety and depression have been kicking my ass- but then again, if you look around, there are a lot of writers lately in the same boat. Even some of my absolute favourite people struggle with mental health issues, and are learning how to create a life around it. It got me thinking: clearly, I’m not alone in this shit.

After all, the arts have always been seen as a reasonably safe space for the weird, the socially awkward, and the mentally ill. The brilliant thing is that more and more creatives are talking openly about their issues with anxiety and mental illness, and that lets people like me learn how to cope with that additional creative pressure by showing that it’s possible.

So here’s what WS is gonna do for a while. I’m gonna talk about anxiety, mental illness, and creativity. And I’m inviting some of the most talented swots I know to join in, too. There are some amazing ideas and thoughts being shared by some of my absolute favourite people already- I’m really excited that anyone else has agreed to play along here, but the stuff people are adding to the conversation has me freakin’ giddy over here.

The conversation kicks off next Saturday.


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